"A seasonal menu accompanied by a daily slate,
to further accentuate the local flavour I'm particularly fond of".



Le Roch Hôtel & Spa is home to the Maison 28 restaurant.

Located at 28 rue Saint-Roch, this chic, yet relaxed, restaurant is the confidential address of Paris's 1st arrondissement. Crafted by our chef, this delicate and tasty cuisine showcases the conviviality of a delicious meal with a menu inspired by the French classics.

The Maison 28 team welcomes you for lunch from 12pm to 2:00pm Monday to Friday, and for dinner Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm.




Just a stone's throw from Place Vendôme, Maison 28 invites you to discover quality products, selected from passionate producers, that respect the natural rhythm

Every day, at lunchtime, our team will offer you "L'Ardoise", a tasty selection of home-cooked dishes that vary according to the deliveries of our producers.

Under the glass roof in our lounge area, on our sunny terrace or comfortably seated around a table in the restaurant, discover this place where life is resolutely good.



Our chef Frédérick LYARD unveils a menu inspired by French classics, with a focus on fresh local produce

Maison 28 highlights include: Vol-au-vent, topinambours, organic egg, forest cream; Sautéed of veal marengo with lemon thyme; Caribbean chocolate soufflé 66%, tonka ice cream

Our wine selection features sourced directly from the winemakers.

At the bar, in a cosy atmosphere, a selection of dishes to share is available from 4pm to 8pm. French spirits are also featured in tasty cocktails.

French spirits are also featured in tasty cocktails.



Maison 28 selects top-quality French farmhouse and artisanal producers, in the hope of bringing you emotion in delicious recipes.

Our vegetables are grown on a certified organic farm – Une ferme du Perche, a family-run business in the Perche region. Our meats are primarily sourced from Normandy and our fish from certified aquaculture farms.

Our olive oils are produced by the Domaine Salvator, an organic farmer in France since 1902, and gold medallist at the Concours Général Agricole 2023.

Our butters are made by Maison Bordier, world-renowned for the quality of its products.

Our cheeses are from the Parisian Fromagerie du Louvre just a stone's throw from Rue Saint Roch, that selects a range of artisanal, farmhouse and raw-milk products.

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