A new Louis Vuitton boutique near the Roch Hotel

A new Louis Vuitton boutique has just opened at number 2 Place Vendôme which is only a few minutes' walk from the Roch Hotel.  Two elegant 18th century mansions serve as showcases for the famous designer brand's bags, shoes and ready-to-wear collections.

A return to origins

Although the Louis Vuitton brand is known all over the world today, it's worth remembering that it was created through the hard work and determination of one man. Louis Vuitton was born in 1821 in the small village of Anchay in the Jura region of Eastern France. At the age of 16, he moved to Paris where he learned the trade of trunk making and created his first pieces of luggage.  A true visionary, Louis quickly realised that people were going to need luggage thanks to the development of the railways and tourism. His luggage combined luxury and functionality and lead to his first sign, "Louis Vuitton, Malletier in Paris" in 1854 at 4 rue Neuve-des-Capucines adjacent to the Place Vendome.


Delve into a world of luxury


Behind its beautiful classical facade, you'll discover a clear space punctuated by select pieces of contemporary furniture.  Don't hesitate to step through the door, whether you're ready to succumb to temptation or whether you're simply curious about the beautiful clothes and accessories. Push through the door and let yourself be enchanted by a world of luxury and elegance.  And if Vuitton isn't enough to satisfy you, the Place Vendome and rue Saint-Honoré are treasure troves of fashion, decorative and even gourmet boutiques.


However, if you've decided to ignore the call of these stylish vanities, you'll still enjoy a walk in one of the capital's most elegant districts. Stop for a romantic break in the Tuileries Gardens or visit the Louvre or Musée de l’Orangerie – they're all conveniently close to the Roch Hotel & Spa.

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