A New Year's Eve at the Roch

The transition from one year to the next is always quite an event. We remember the past year and hope for beautiful things for the one about to start – preferably around a deliciously garnished table!

A chic and relaxing New Year's Eve


To celebrate passing from one year to the next, our chef Rémy Bérerer has put everything into main dishes that have been created with talent, and love. We don't want to make your mouth water too early, but it’s impossible not to mention the blue lobster with its emulsion of sweet spices, morels, and vin jaune, the line caught turbot in its smoky broth or the vegetable ravioli! It's just too much. We won't go into detail about the Black Angus fillet with its simple accompaniment of soufflé de pommes and a subtle sauce of aged Port. We'll say even less about the desserts made from chocolate in all its guises, raspberries…but stop, not another word! Plus, there's dancing to music by our DJ and talented duo Saxo – with champagne! 

A very Parisian jam

The tale begins in Savigny-sur-Orge, just outside the gates of Paris and a chance meeting between two artisans. One to handle flavour and one to handle the clay - or one to take care of content and one to create the container. And so, Confiture Parisienne was born. Made with seasonal fruits and unrefined sugar, the jam is cooked in copper cauldrons. It's free from chemicals and contains no additives – and that's just the basic range. Passion and creativity is the motto and the prestigious range includes Or Noir (Black Gold) created by Confiture Parisienne and our chef Rémy Bérerd. It is a festive delight that defines this friendly partnership and combines the Tunisian Deglet Nour date with black lemon, for incomparable flavour. This wonderful accompaniment works beautifully with a tagine and can also be served with cheeses, foie gras and even champagne and truffles.

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