An icy Grand Palais

Skate fans rejoice! This year, the Grand Palais will once again transform its beautiful nave into a temporary skating rink for Christmas. Grab your hats and gloves and enjoy a turn around the ice between December 16th and January 9th.


Grand Palais des Glaces


An ice rink under the nave by day...

Whether or not you like skating, it's hard to resist the attraction of this shimmering rink under the iconic nave of the Grand Palais. Above, you have a splendid roof, a soaring weave of glass and iron. Under your feet, nearly 3000 square metres of sparkling ice stretches before you. As the day goes by, the sun streams through the glass and illuminates the intricate patterns carved on the ice by the rushing blades.  Bundled into warm jackets, hats, and gloves, you'll revel in the joyful atmosphere. A rush of colour and a cacophony of shouts, yells and laughter, this whirling ballet of spinning legs and arms is simply irresistible.


Grand Palais des Glaces


And by night...

In the evening, when the sun has faded but night has not truly fallen yet, stars sparkle through the glass roof, illuminating the ice below. The fairy tale ambience and the unique architecture of the Grand Palais is enhanced with colourful lighting.  Skaters can enjoy the ice alone or with family or friends until 7pm and children have their own dedicated space.  Take your place on this giant dance floor and marvel at the mirror ball and the magical timing of the DJ. Between dances, be sure to greet the Standing Wild Bear. Richard Orlinski's monumental sculpture reminds us that although the ice is fine under the nave, it's in danger of receding elsewhere on our planet.



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Photo credit : Didier Lefevre / Groupe Ludéric

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