Enjoy the terrace at the Roch Hotel & Spa

Now that the good weather has arrived in Paris, it's time to enjoy the simple pleasures of breakfast, coffee, aperitifs or late evening drinks outside on our peaceful patio.


A terrace in Paris

Is it at all possible to resist the charm of a small piece of garden in the heart of the capital? Of course not! And that's good because it's with you in mind that we have built this small haven of greenery. Nestled between the hotel walls and the bay window, it's open to the sky and can be accessed from our restaurant. Once we had agreed that it was the ideal location, we decided that it should be raised and planted with leafy groves and furnished with the small round tables that are typical of Parisian bistros. As, you enjoy a hot coffee before setting out on a busy day, it will be hard to believe that you are in the heart of Paris.


Peace and quiet in the heart of the capital

Don’t be afraid to admit that this is a real luxury! All around, the city resounds with a thousand activities; voice, engines and horns all blend together to create an incessant buzz – until you walk through the door of the Roch. At last, silence. And you don't need to lock yourself away in your room, nice as it is, to enjoy a few moments of peace and tranquillity at the Roch Hotel & Spa. End the afternoon with a cool drink, enjoy the evening air and the incomparable end-of-day light or take in the romantic Parisian sunset from our patio. And, once you are comfortably settled, you'll appreciate the benefits of the Parisian patio even more with a colourful aperitif or a glass of sparkling champagne.


Photo Credit : @legoffetgabarra

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