Gourmandise and tradition for a Christmas at the Roch Hotel & Spa

Two of our most prestigious chefs have united their considerable culinary talents to concoct an unforgettable Christmas meal for this year’s celebrations. Rémy Bererd, a native of Lyon who learned the secrets of French gastronomy as he grew up, is in the kitchen while Arnaud Faye is responsible for design. Both agree on the basic principles of a modern kitchen that features responsibly sourced seasonal products from local producers. Taste is, of course, the most important factor and a happy kitchen produces outstanding results!  The duo regale us with impressive menus all year and, for Christmas 2017, our two chefs have put as much thought into side dishes as they have into the main courses.

"Sincere food for a sincere plate"

Rémy Bererd's words reflect his commitment and his passion. His passions rather; an authentic product that comes from the heart, the addition of the natural conviviality that is borne of gourmet cooking, and the sharing of a good meal.  Let us first consider the products – both chefs demand ingredients that respect nature and the environment.  They are privileged to have access to a mozzarella made with the milk of cows raised in Ile-de-France and jams made in Paris, for example. Tomatoes and aubergines have been carefully cultivated under the Provencal sun.  Not forgetting one of the key elements of French cuisine, bread – and it’s made by Christophe Vasseur who was voted best Parisian baker in 2008. The restaurant menu offers sought-after cuisine throughout the year – from the vegetable burger for the businessman in a hurry to that hint of almond beloved of the gourmet but, for Christmas, our two chefs have created a superb feast where the prestigious product is king.

A Christmas menu that combines tradition with modernity

The conviviality, the sharing and the celebration itself have laid the foundations of this Christmas meal that oscillates between the traditional and the contemporary. Traditional dishes like foie gras are elevated by the addition of a fine mango chutney and passion fruit jelly.  Shellfish, cabbage maki and toasted barley add subtle flavours. Poultry is just as it should be; perfectly roasted in a casserole dish and accompanied by delicious winter vegetables (Jerusalem artichokes, salsify and chestnuts). Traditional vegetables such as chard, squash and curly cabbage are featured in the accompaniments. The contrast of flavours, opposites that enhance respective tastes is an achievement and our two chefs also play with textures that will enchant your taste buds. 


The mysteries and enchantments of the Chocolate Christmas ball

Going by the enticing name of Chocolate Christmas Boule, our festive dessert is a melange of flavours and – well, we can’t reveal everything (Christmas is for surprises, after all). However, let us evoke the crisp tenderness of biscuit, the languor of praliné, the acidic hint of soft, sweet raspberry, the delicious bitterness of 68% cocoa chocolate and the crisp finesse of streusel.  But, not a word about its form or aesthetics, it’s a surprise!  Instead, let us simply pay tribute to our chefs and their teams, for whom the making of this treasure was a real challenge, according to Rémy Bererd.  An adventure that was as long as it was exciting; 4 hours were devoted to the creation of the boule each day and the result is sensational. The balance is perfect, mousse, coulis and praline, temperature and texture meet in delicious harmony. And, since nothing is too good for you, our chefs recommend that you accompany this magnificent dessert with a vintage Porto Ramos Pinto Vintage. This celebration wine admirably enhances the caramelised and delicately bitter chocolate flavours with its spicy notes. “The best alcohol for linking all the elements of this dessert" said Rémy Bererd. You better believe it!


Merry Christmas everyone!


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