Le Roch Hotel & Spa unveils its prestigious suite

Ideally located in the heart of Paris 1st arrondissement, Le Roch Hotel and Spa invites you to enjoy a unique experience that combines comfort and aesthetics with well-being and refinement.  Come with us as we take you on a short visit to the Saint-Roch Suite and Parisian Apartment …..

A bubble of elegance


To access the Saint-Roch Suite, a favourite with our regulars guests, you must head for the hotel’s sixth and final floor. Your eyes will immediately be drawn to the soft colours and warm fabrics, and to the generous curves of the furniture chosen by designer Sarah Lavoine. The private terrace overlooks the interior patio, assuring you of peace and privacy.  The attentive among you will easily spot the tip of the Eiffel Tower and the top of the Vendôme column from the terrace. The lounge lends itself beautifully to relaxation and is the ideal spot to read or rest, while your private hammam invites you to enjoy a few moments of tranquillity. Technology is also top-notch with a Marshall Bluetooth speaker, two flat-screen TVs, and an interactive tablet featuring live-chat with our concierges.  The hammam, shower, dressing room, and wine cellar have all been added with your overall comfort and well-being in mind.


To share with family or friends


Why not enjoy the comfort and elegance of the Saint-Roch Suite with your loved ones? The hotel offers the option to privatise the entire 6th floor, allowing you to fully experience the Parisian Apartment. The Deluxe Wellness Room with its Italian shower and its private hammam combines with the Suite to form a large 80 m² apartment that gives you the independence and privacy of a genuine apartment with attentive service provided by Le Roch Hotel & Spa team. Plan outings in the suite’s inviting living room, relax on the terrace in the late afternoon sunshine, or meet for a last drink as you gaze over the roofs of Paris after an evening spent exploring the capital’s best restaurants or entertainment venues - moments that are perfect for sharing from the comfort of your own apartment in the heart of Paris.


The overall design, the beautiful fabrics and furniture, the sense of detail – everything combines to make your stay in the Le Roch Hotel & Spa, Paris a time of privilege and joy.

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