New Year's Eve at the Roch Hotel & Spa

As the holidays are fast approaching, it’s high time to unveil the superb New Year’s Eve menu dreamed up amidst the ovens and worktops of their kitchen domain by our chef Rémy Bérerer and his team. A symphony of flavours that perfectly combines refinement and tradition.


In the beginning

Were the bubbles. Preparing to celebrate the arrival of a new year is a serious business. Especially when it’s decided to accompany the event with a superb meal prepared with as much art as love. Also, preparing the taste buds is essential, and is there a better way to do so than by partaking of a glass of champagne? Certainly not! Champagne it is, then!


Then came

Scallops with green apple jelly and warm oysters, foie gras with Batak pepper, pear confit in wine. These dream starters will lead you gently to ... A tough choice; sea bass or Bresse chicken? Difficult. The golden, succulent chicken is irresistible, all the more so as the spellbinding scent of white truffle escapes from it and it would be so interesting to investigate more closely this mysterious parsley root gnocchi accompaniment. But the sea bass... The fact that it’s parboiled with vintage champagne cannot be overlooked, or that the taste of its delicate flesh will be enhanced by the cabbage maki accompanying it. And then there’s the shellfish garnish to consider. Ah, what to do?



A little cheese break consisting of a Brillat-Savarin with black truffle will allow for a pleasing interlude prior to the presentation of the sweet delicacies offered as dessert. On the menu is a chocolate truffle log from Hugo & Victor, a splendour of dark chocolate mousse and praline heart or Allumette Clémentine. A sumptuous creation that brings together sparkling citrus fruit and the rich sweetness of Madagascar vanilla, with a Grand Marnier sorbet to enliven the senses. Coffee, tea and petits fours close the feast as you get ready to welcome 2019!

A Happy New Year to all!



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Photo credit : @youmakefashion

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