Paris has a rendezvous with contemporary art

A City of Lights and a City of Love, Paris is also a capital of culture open to the world of the arts. For example, over the last few years it has become known as a place in which contemporary art can be given free rein, a worthy competitor for Milan or New York, thanks to regular events such as the Art Paris Art Fair.


At the forefront of contemporary creation


Breaking down barriers, breaking down styles and crossing continents, opening contemporary art to a wide audience, letting experienced artists express themselves just as much as those who are on the rise, offering opportunities to new galleries; these are some of the objectives of the Art Paris Art Fair. This year, Africa is the guest of honour and will demonstrate the diversity and dynamism of that continent’s art scene. Galleries, videos, symposiums, and an opportunity to discover contemporary creativity. You are ready for a stay at the Roch Hotel & Spa under the sign of discovery and culture.


Artists and galleries, amateurs and professionals


More than just an exhibition, the Art Paris Art Fair is intended as a place of meeting and exchange. This year, 139 galleries from 29 different countries will be represented. The Solo Show spaces focus on the work of a particular artist while newer galleries find a privileged environment in which to present various works. The Art Paris Art Fair is designed to break down the boundaries between passionate enthusiasts and the curious, between amateurs and professionals, so that contemporary art may be appreciated by all.


Visit the Grand Palais from March 30th to April 2nd to discover all the currents of artistic creation!

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