Portrait of Cécile Fond, the new pastry chef at the Roch

While at the Restaurant du Roch, did you succumb to the pleasures of our exotic tartelette flavoured with a coconut emulsion and accompanied by a candied mango with ginger, or the incomparable lightness of the tiramisu? Then, you’ll be interested to know that these and more are the result of the talent and creativity of our new pâtissière, Cécile Fond! Let us introduce her to you.


Cécile Fond, our new pâtissière

Passion is impatient. Cécile did not need years of reflection to decide on the course of her career. She began specialised training in high school, then at 17 years old took an apprenticeship at the restaurant Georges Blanc. She then went on to gain experience in Arnsbourg in Alsace before returning to training at the Ferrandi school. Through alternating hands-on experience and training, she has acquired a high level of skill and knowledge that she now uses to express her creativity!


A meeting of minds

The pâtissier always has a special place in the kitchen of a restaurant like that of the Roch Hotel & Spa. Although they may have complete autonomy in their art, they must also stay true to the spirit that the head chef wishes for the menu and the restaurant. At the Roch, the chemistry between our head chef Rémy Bérezd and Cécile Fond worked immediately as they shared the same vision and values. They both have the desire to work with top quality produce and ingredients while respecting the seasons and sources, mixing the classics of French and European gastronomy with influences from further afield and doing it all with lightness and subtlety.

Well, we could go on, but nothing beats actually tasting the creations of our new pâtissière. Come and discover her creations throughout the seasons at the Roch Hôtel & Spa restaurant!



Le Roch Hotel & Spa, a 5-star hotel in the heart of the luxury district of Paris

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