Quick, I need an ice cream!

The sun shines, caressing the bustling streets of Paris with its warming rays. The Seine is close by, you’re on holiday, feeling completely relaxed, and the only one thing that could make this moment even better is a deliciously refreshing ice cream! No problem, we can help. At the Roch Hotel & Spa we know where to find the best ... and it starts in our restaurant with sumptuous desserts and ice cream from Hugo & Victor!


Your ideal ice awaits

Whether you prefer a traditional rum and raisin, strawberry or chocolate, or your tastes run towards the more unusual, a yuzu-Espelette pepper, for example, the capital’s most exquisite ice cream treats are within easy reach. Let's start with the classics and the oldest of all, the essential À la Mère de Famille (35, Rue du Faubourg Montmartre 75009), where coffee, caramel, as well as lychee or sesame and chocolate await you. Tradition is key at the Bac à Glaces (109, Rue du Bac, 75007) where you can enjoy mara des bois strawberry with coconut, cinnamon or pear sorbet infused with fruit brandy. Scaramouche (22, Rue Vieuville, 75018) takes us to Provence in the wake of its rosemary-olive oil-pine nut or fine lavender ice cream.


Something a little unusual?

Several glaciers delight in demonstrating their talent at creating new flavours. Glazed (54, Rue des Martyrs, 75009) has Pussy Griotte (cherry and blackcurrant pepper) and Orange Mécanique, which combines orange and Campari with balsamic vinegar. Fabien Foenix (6, Rue Descombes, 75017) offers a delightful lemon basil, a delicate lychee and rose petals, and the highly unusual avocado guacamole. At Monsieur Benjamin (63, Rue Saint-Martin, 75004) ice cream à la plancha is concocted before your dazzled eyes! Picture a (very) chilled plate and an ice cream mixture placed on it like a pancake batter. Then, with the magic touch of a spatula, small rolls of coloured ice cream are created that the artiste sculpts and places in a cup for you. A delight for the eyes as well as the taste buds!

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