“Roch the Wine”: meetings around wine at your hotel

Starting on November 18th and then every Thursday at 18:30, the Roch Hotel & Spa offers you the opportunity for a little conviviality around wine, with a tasting by the fireplace. This oenological break is designed to provide convivial exchanges and discovery for guests of our establishment. Join us for apéritif time!


Wine at the heart of our meetings

On the occasion of “Roch the Wine”, you will meet our chef, Rémy Bérerd as well as the manager of our restaurant, Alban Saker. Both will welcome you by the fireplace and invite you to taste several wines that they have selected. Embarking on a true taste exploration, you will discover a grape variety, a producer, and a wine region, all of which have a story to tell. And while our team can guide you on tasting techniques, they will be there specially to share this experience with you, compare impressions and express what each bottle means to them ...


Food and wine pairings

“Roch the Wine” is also an opportunity to discover the astonishing food and wine pairings that chef Bérerd puts together for you for each vintage. Faithful to his refined cuisine, highlighting the characteristic flavours of each product, the chef seeks to sublimate both the wine and the product through these pairings, thereby allowing each to bring its own distinctive characteristics and complexity. Going beyond the traditional principles of harmoniousness, they will lead you to a surprising and original experience. Allow yourself to be carried away on this initiatory journey on which the flavours, textures and aromas are refined!

Your Roch Hotel & Spa invites you every Thursday for a moment of conviviality around a wine tasting. After a long day of Christmas shopping or cultural visits and before a lively evening, treat yourself to an oenological break hosted by true enthusiasts ...



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