Saut Hermès at the Grand Palais

On March 16, 17 and 18th, the 2018 edition of the famous Saut Hermès will be held at the Grand Palais. The internationally renowned competition brings together the world's best riders and horses. This magnificent show is enhanced by its magical setting under the glass roof of the nave of the Grand Palais.


A tribute to the master saddler

The event is indeed dedicated to the founder of House Hermès. Born in Germany in 1801, Thierry Hermès served his apprenticeship as a saddler-harnesser before moving to Paris. Once there, he and his wife opened their first factory just a stone's throw from Place de la Madeleine. By then a master harnesser, he imagines, draws, and then realises his designs for saddles, harnesses and other equestrian equipment in his workshops. His work is particularly neat and precise, his design ingenious. The successful brand was taken over by the son and then the grandsons of Thierry who had the inspired idea to expand its range to include luggage, followed by practical but elegant sportswear.


A magical scene under the nave

The course is installed, obstacles are in place, horses and riders rush into the lighted nave. They trot, they gallop and then the horses take off and complete the jumps. Back stretched, whole body shuddering – what if the hoof should clip the obstacle? But all is well, the beautiful animal resumes its circuit, splendid and glorious. Whether you're a newcomer or a passionate fan, you'll be clapping your hands before your brain has had time to realise the beauty of the feat. The emotion is almost physical. Pure beauty is something that one recognises intuitively without thinking as the Saut Hermès proves once again. And to add to your enjoyment, the dance show, Récréation by Bartabas is presented each day. What a treat!

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