Shows for the Fashion Week Paris

The end of June also hails the return of Paris Fashion Week. First, Men’s Fashion from 21st to 25th June and then Haute Couture on 26th July. The fashion season ends in autumn with the ready-to-wear shows from September 26th to October 3rd. The Roch Hotel & Spa transports you through this long-awaited event.


But where is Fashion Week?

The locations and venues for the shows are kept secret till the very last minute. Only insiders and bearers of those highly-coveted invitations can say with certainty. Some of the capital’s most famous monuments have been suggested: Beaubourg, the Louvre Auditorium, the Institute of the Arab World, the Salle Pleyel, the Grand Palais and many others. Each year, the models show off the fabulous creations of leading designers like Dior, Balenciaga, Lutz Huelle and Valentino. This year, once again, the top names in international fashion will present their latest collections. But where? And, when? That remains a mystery, for now….


Heels, beads and tulle

The lucky few on the guest list will be excited as the date for the first shows gets closer. As the lights dim, the hubbub of conversation slowly vanishes, the first high heels slam on to the catwalk and one follows the curve of an ankle to the fluid lines of a pair of artfully ripped pants. The stylish dance continues with an opulent lace skirt, a swirl of colour and movement. Every detail matters from the smallest piece of jewellery, that was so carefully selected, to the chic chignon that required hours of styling. The result is worth it, the magic of the materials, the lights that surround us – the spell works every time so we applaud and cheer the models and designers at the same time as we start wishing for the next Fashion Week!

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