So romantic – Valentine's Day

Although all of Paris can sometimes feel dedicated to love, we have our own favourite little places where you can enjoy the best Valentine's Day in a flurry of unbridled romanticism.


A small hop to Montmartre

Montmartre is difficult to overlook when you're in love. It's certainly no secret, but it's still an unmissable place for couples. The stairs of the Butte haven't been sung about in vain, but when you climb them slowly, hand in hand, the ascent seems so much shorter. Your exploration of the district will inevitably lead you to the charming Abbesses Square which borders Square Jehan-Rictus – the square is named for the noted poet and is home to the famous I Love You wall and 311 proclamations of love in 250 languages.


Stroll in the gardens

The Tuileries Garden with its pretty statues of Maillol and the garden of the Petit Palace are ideal for romantic walks. Another of our favourites is the Buttes Chaumont park with its wonderful Belvedere Island; the cliff is drenched in greenery and you can see the delightful Temple of Sibyl at the top. The graceful stone structure is reminiscent of the temples of Ancient Rome.


"When we are at the edge of the water,


Everything is beautiful"

The song says it, so it must be true. And it is true; the banks of the Seine have recently been pedestrianised, inviting you to enjoy a romantic walk or two. Unless you prefer to stroll along the quays, of course, where the booksellers have set up their green stalls. Perhaps you'll find that crime novel you've been looking for between stolen kisses. Finally, the most insatiable romantics will find it hard to resist a boat trip on one of the small lakes in the Bois de Boulogne before walking, tenderly entwined, between tulip trees, elms and ginkgo.

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