Summer cocktails at the Roch

Cocktails and snacks is the name of our menu of small delicacies that you can enjoy on the terrace, at the bar or in the comfortable surroundings of our patio. It’s a menu filled with the colours of sunshine, summer, and freshness.


Chic cocktails and surprises

Our head bartender has married imagination with audacity to create a refined and exquisite cocktail menu bursting with distinctly original flavours. Gin lovers will delight in The Botanist, distilled on the Scottish island of Islay and enhanced in our bar with touches of Provençal lavender, honey and blueberries. Rum (Mount Gay black label) is mixed with celery, strawberry and mint while its extra old version (Mount Gay XO) meets champagne, hibiscus syrup and Angostura Bitters. As for the Remy Martin cognac, this is enjoyed with syrup of violets, mango and egg white. Finally, French vodka (Guillotine) is simply served with a touch of grenadine syrup, a hint of cider and a dash of lemon juice.




And to nibble...

Chicken rillette with tarragon, smoked eel arancini, black pork loin and crème d'olive, red prawns with jasmine juice; it’s a selection of dishes to send a tingle of anticipation down a gourmet’s spine. This is just a taste of the menu concocted especially by our chef to accompany the delicious cocktails mentioned above. A perfect marriage between the plate and the glass, which borders on the divine when you think of it savoured amidst the fragrant greenery of our shaded interior garden. It’s hard to imagine that just a few metres away the capital pulses with life... Enjoy culinary excellence at the Roch Hotel & Spa!

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