The August menu at the Roch restaurant

With the lush greenery of its terrace and large shade-giving parasols, the restaurant of the Roch Hotel & Spa evokes the very essence of holiday relaxation in the heart of the Parisian summer. To add to the laid-back ambiance, our chef has been inspired to create a menu that focusses on the essentials of the season.


All the flavours of summer adorn our menu

There’s been a welcome abundance of sunshine in Paris this summer. It’s warm, so let's begin the meal with a refreshing starter such as Lectoure melon accompanied by 18-month cured ham, or a tomato salad with soft and creamy burrata. This is the season when the grill is indispensable, of course, and we embrace its potential, too. Our chef’s grilled octopus will transport you to the shores, as will his sea bream, while the BBQ pork ribs and the Salers prime rib will delight meat lovers. For all his culinary creations, our chef selects the best seasonal produce that he highlights thanks to simple but tasteful accompaniments.


Our chef’s sweet touch

Finally, to conclude the ideal summer meal, there’s nothing quite like ice cream! For this we rely on one of the greatest pâtissiers in Paris; Christophe Michalak. His mouth-watering assortments of sorbets and ice creams revisit flavours, such as coconut, strawberry, peach or mango. Chocolate lovers will prefer the Kosmik, a sublime chocolate mousse with Piedmont hazelnut filling and crumble confit. A blissfully indulgent delight!

During the month of August, the restaurant of the Roch Hotel & Spa only keeps the essentials. Discover these typical summer dishes, full of sunshine and fine flavours, comprising very high-quality ingredients. Finally, enjoy the relaxing and friendly atmosphere of our hotel’s terrace, well away from the hustle and bustle of the street.



Le Roch Hotel & Spa, a 5-star hotel in the heart of the luxury district of Paris

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