The luxury of the Bon Marché private salons

It’s well-nigh impossible to visit Paris and not indulge in a shopping session in the city’s famous department stores. Read on as the Roch Hotel & Spa tells you all about how to make the most of your retail therapy session. It involves the private salons of the Bon Marché...


Shopping made luxuriously easy in the private salons of the Bon Marché

The Bon Marché wanted to offer their customers a new shopping experience far removed from making the rounds of the department store alone and unattended. To do so, the famous Left Bank brand completely reorganised its third floor, where the offices of Mr. Boucicaut, the store’s founder, were previously situated. While carefully maintaining the architectural details that make these spaces so charming, the designers have created a series of private rooms that are bathed in natural light and open on a lounge and a bar area where you can chill out.


A personalised experience

Once you are comfortably installed in one of these salons, your personal shopper and personal stylist will advise you on how to renew your wardrobe or perform a complete makeover. You can quietly try different items in a relaxing atmosphere, guided by professionals. Each fitting is recorded on multimedia support so you can refer to it later by using your own personal code. Take advantage of this unique blend of a cosy, refined and luxurious atmosphere and cutting-edge technology to give yourself the look and style you want. It all adds up to a unique experience, a world away from a simple shopping spree!

We at the Roch Hotel & Spa like to recommend the Bon Marché. Over the years, the store has retained an elegance and a level of service that is reflected today in the choice of brands it offers but also in the shopping experiences it creates through its special salons...



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Crédit photo : Salons privés LBM x © Gabriel de la Chapelle

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