The magic of haute couture at the Galerie Dior

A thirty-minute walk from your Roch Hotel & Spa and less than 15 minutes by Metro, an unusual and fascinating museum has just opened at a legendary address: 30, Avenue Montaigne. The parent company of the Dior fashion house presents an exhibition dedicated to creation and the master fashion designer, Christian Dior. Don’t miss it!


An essential page in the history of fashion

Christian Dior was an iconic player in the history of French haute couture. Born in the first decade of the 20th century, he forged close ties with the creative minds of his time, including Max Jacob, Jean Cocteau, Dali, Dufy, Braque and many more. Originally a gallery owner and illustrator, he gradually entered the world of fashion and ended up by opening his own fashion house after the war, situated at 30, Avenue de Montaigne. His New Look brought Paris back to the centre of the fashion world. From then on, he shared his vision of fashion and femininity, gaining great acclaim on an international scale. The Galerie Dior invites you to enter the places in which the great couturier worked alongside the many talented hands that brought his designs to life. 


Collections and scenography

At the Galerie Dior you will discover archives, drawings, and designs, as well as personal objects such as Dior’s lucky charm. Of course, many clothing items and accessories, shoes, handbags, etc. are displayed. This exhibition, crafted with an obvious attention to aesthetic detail, will fascinate fashion enthusiasts, but those who are simply curious will also find much of interest due to the diversity and the richness of the objects on display.




Photo: Bruno Bleu

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Enter the world of haute couture in fashionable Paris. The Galerie Dior takes you into the world of Christian Dior and the brand he established. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this fascinating museum during your stay at the Roch Hotel & Spa!

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