The musical universe of the Roch Hotel & Spa

How many events, happy days and joyful occasions are accompanied by music? Does your heart beat a little faster when you hear a certain tune, do some chords have the power to trigger an avalanche of memories?  As a constant part of our lives, music is naturally an integral part of the Roch Hotel & Spa universe.


Our signature sounds


Like the design of the building, its layout, the choice of furniture or the luminous atmosphere, the choice of sound helps to confer personality on a place. That’s why we decided to entrust this vital area to talented sound designer, Maison Sérieuse who knows how to find music that corresponds perfectly with the inimitable style and ambience of Roch Hotel & Spa.  A master of sound, he takes us on a journey that alternates between languorous jazz notes, vintage rock and electronica that is ideally suited to the time and place.


Enjoy, wherever you are



Our Roch Hotel & Spa app (available for iOS and Android) allows you to listen to the music being played in the hotel at any time.  Just slip into one of the inviting armchairs in the library lounge for a musical break or enjoy high-quality sound from the Marshall speakers we’ve installed in your room. Finally, don’t forget that 21st June is the date of the music festival. Stroll around the Saint-Germain-des-Près neighbourhood or to lose yourself in Montmartre where each square and every corner, the terraces and the parks resonate with the sound of haunting saxophone solos, the rolling drums of alt-rock, the crystal-clear voices of classical singers or the pure notes of a Chopin Nocturne. You’ll dance and clap but, most of all, you’ll just be happy to be there, to share the pleasure of tunes that may become part of your memories one day.

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