The Roch|er| du Roch – a gourmet Christmas

Staying faithful to its elegant but welcoming spirit, the chic and relaxed Roch Hotel & Spa wanted to offer its guests an original and inventive dash of sweetness that would be perfect for the Christmas celebrations. Our Chef Rémy Bérerd drew on all his knowledge and artistic flair in the creation of the 'Rock' or 'Roch|er|' – sorry, we couldn't resist that nod to the hotel's name. Time to discover, savour and devour!


The Roch|er| rocks

A precious nugget, the Roch|er| is available in two festive colours, the delicate gleaming gold version and the intensely magical blue version. Each chic but refined presentation box contains three pieces and is the perfect gourmet delight to give as a gift, to share or to enjoy by yourself. While developing them, Rémy Bérerd searched for products of the highest quality and was guided by subtle but intense aromas that he combined in surprising alliances.


Amazing pairings

The base of the Roch|er| revolves around pure grand cru Nyanghbo chocolate from Ghana. This special cocoa bean evokes the precious and exotic products of the Gold Coast. Its round chocolate notes scented with sweet spices call for the velvety citrus touch and subtle taste of passion berries. The Roch|er| gold was born. For its blue twin, distant, almost mythical Indonesia gave us berries from Batak and Andaliman wild pepper. Their fresh fragrances and citrusy undertones make for a deliciously contrasting combination.

The Roch|er| made by Roch Hotel & Spa is a way to bring a touch of elegance and sweet delicacy to the end of year celebrations. To enjoy them, just ask the team at Roch Hotel & Spa and they'll be ready within 48 hours.  An original gift idea or a pleasure to share with your partner, don't miss the limited to 100 version of the Roch|er|.



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