The secrets of the cocktails at Roch Hotel & Spa

Passionate, imaginative and inspired, Camille and Auguste, the bartenders of the Roch Hotel & Spa share some of the secrets of their most enticing summer cocktails.


At the Roch Hotel & Spa, a cocktail is about creating a certain atmosphere. The fragrances, colours and presentation, everything in the cocktail, in fact, must reflect the feel that its creator wants to convey. A cocooning atmosphere with a log fire and deep armchairs in winter or light fabrics, rattan and sun in summer: a single glance, a single sip is enough to plunge the happy taster into the depths of a Swedish fjord, the shade of a palm tree in the Caribbean, or the vibrant Seine quays in Paris. Creating a cocktail is an invitation to travel. Ready to board the ship?


Summer Signature Cocktails

Expect lots of exciting new creations for summer. Among the Roch Hotel’s "must-try" favourites, the 28, a mix of Bombay, Saint-Germain liqueur (made from elderflowers harvested in the Alps) cane sugar and lime is a world tour all on its own. Tequila mingled with the flavours of Curaçao and apérol, the Cr'roch certainly deserves its name! A little bit of Italy and a dash of the Caribbean can be found in the San Limone which marries Prosecco, limoncello, rosemary syrup and white rum – the result is invigorating! The menu is home to many other great drinks like the Mapple Cherry which highlights the sweet acidity of raspberry using gin and Chambord and spiking it with thyme – you can almost hear the Provencal cicadas start to sing. All these fabulous tastes can be enjoyed in the intimate setting of the Roch Hotel & Spa on a beautiful summer evening.


Camilla and Auguste - The perfect balance

One is self-taught, the other learned at some of the most prestigious establishments in France and abroad. Both are curious by nature and love new discourse and exchanges which they translate into experiments in search of the perfect partnership, the most precise blend of ingredients. Inviting curiosity and provoking discussion is all part of the road to improvement. Both are generous with their time and they ably communicate their enthusiasm as they reveal their secrets – the perfect measure, the precise movement of the shaker, the glass scented with orange peel.

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