The Slavic Cabin at the Roch – the hotel embraces Slavic tradition

No one knows how to cope with long, frosty winter nights better than the Slavs. The Slavic winter is a riot of warmth, conviviality, sharing, joy and colour that evokes the multiple sensations that inspired both our Chef Rémy Bérerd and our designer Sarah Poniatowski-Lavoine.


Push through the door of the Slavic Chatka!

From November 7, the Roch Hotel & Spa terrace will be transformed. Evoking the great Russian plains, Sarah Poniatowski-Lavoine has chosen warm colours, combinations of red and blue, inviting shapes and materials that make you want to snuggle up by the fire. And. It's possible to privatise this unique haven for gourmet dinner parties or invigorating aperitifs.


All the flavours of the Russian steppes

The Roch Hotel & Spa team was inspired to create a new menu adapted to this exciting event. You'll love our original cocktails; the Veles Beard, made with mushroom-infused bourbon and named after the Slavic god of nature who was famous for his long, mushroom-filled beard, for example, or the Russian Doll which combines eau de vie with plum and tangy rhubarb. However, these are just the prologue to the succulent creations of Chef Rémy Bérerd. Winter pavlova with chestnuts will make your taste buds tingle while dishes like chicken poached in tokay, ravioli Pierogis, homemade tarama and pickled mackerel and our chef's own version of borsch will delight your senses.

Come and discover the Slavic soul of the Roch Hotel & Spa. Book the Slav hut for romantic moments or convivial evenings with your family and friends. The menu and decoration ensure that you will enjoy a memorable outing.



Le Roch Hotel & Spa, a 5-star hotel in the heart of Paris luxury district

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