Yellow balls on red clay at the Roland-Garros

Just the sight of a yellow tennis ball is enough to get emotions soaring as the end of May and Roland-Garros tournament approaches. The French Open will take place from May 21st to June 10th – the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy a stay at the Roch Hotel & Spa. Make your bookings now!


Roland-Garros – the 2018 edition

Everything is ready for Roland-Garros; the groundsmen have been busy while you slept, and the beaten clay courts have been watered and swept, lines have been repainted and nets have been checked. The ball collectors are already warming up and the referees are busy trying on shirts and caps as the commentators check their statistics. Well, you can never be too prepared for Roland-Garros!


The fun begins!

Yes, it's time to choose your seat, pick up hats, sunglasses and umbrellas, switch off mobile phones and tablets and reschedule your appointments. After all, you want to really enjoy the atmosphere and take full advantage of the event. It's certain to be an emotional time. Nadal, Djokovic, Williams, Halep, Wawrinka, Federer, Čilić, Ostapenko – they’re all ready to fight for the coveted title. And, they will give their all as they strive for stardom on the court. You'll feel as if they are playing especially for you!


Volleys, forehands, serves and backhands

What a wonderful game tennis is. The thud of the balls striking rackets, the trampling, the sliding of feet over red clay, the noise of the crowd as they marvel at the power and accuracy of each volley. It’s a real pleasure to close your eyes for a moment and just listen to the unique sounds that are so specific to tennis and then to re-open them just as the ball is returned at supersonic speed in a thrilling backhand. Inimitable! What class and elegance. What skill! Relive the experience for one or 15 days at this year's Roland-Garros.

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