Our latest menu is here – welcome to the new season!

Although summer is over, the arrival of those grey, sober days is not without its own little pleasures. The Roch Hotel & Spa is, as always, at your disposal, providing a relaxing setting where, thanks in part to our new menu, you can indulge in a rich and varied range of delicacies.


Flavour, creativity and simplicity

Like the rest of the hotel, our restaurant is dedicated to your comfort, pleasure and well-being. In addition to the warm, convivial atmosphere created by the elegant but subtle décor, our chef Rémy Bererd presents a creative menu of imaginative but unpretentious cuisine. His approach to gastronomy is fresh and unaffected, highlighting carefully selected seasonal products rather than needlessly complicated dishes. Once more, thanks to his inspired hands, you can sample delicious dishes inspired by flavours and fragrances from near and far.


A little taste of sunshine

Although autumn is approaching, the Roch Hotel & Spa menu retains a Mediterranean touch that will delight your taste buds.  Honeyed melon balls with Muscat is the ideal way to start your meal on a fresh note. For salad lovers, it's going to be a difficult choice between crunchy sweet and sour vegetables and the ever-popular Caesar Salad. Or, head for the grilled octopus or pistachio bar to revisit the seaside this autumn. Meticulously chosen products, careful seasoning and inspired aesthetically refined colour combinations make our new menu a party for all the senses.


Whether you're planning a romantic nibble or a tasting with friends, the new Roch Hotel & Spa menu is a tantalising invitation to your inner gourmet. Every aspect of the hotel contributes to your well-being, from the warm welcome, to the décor and services and, of course, the aesthetic pleasures of our new menu.



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